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Architectural solution

Newly constructed object has the fallowing structure- BMT + GF + 6 FLR (basement + ground floor + 6 floors), organized as two free standing lamellas, marked as lamella A, along the Dimitrija Tucovic Street and lamella B, along the Laze Marinkovic Street.

Lamellas are placed parallel to the longer sides of the terrain. Service objects are located on the ground floor and there is also underground garage. Floors are residential, with apartments of different structure, with appropriate stairways and elevators. In each of the lamellas there are 8 entrances that can be accessed from the inside yard between two lamellas, on the ground level. Walking alleys, playgrounds and green aria are planned within this area.

The underground garage is designed on the basement level, for tenants purpose only and with all the necessary technical rooms. The garage capacity is 437 parking spaces. They can be approached from Dimirije Tucovic Street and from Laza Marinkovic Street, trough the ramp. Direct connection with all the floors in the object is also possible (by stairs and elevators).

Objects are constructed under modern architectural design, with emphasized elongated forms and emphasized final floors with differently constructed terraces (in a sense of modeling and type of material).

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Object is constructed by the latest standards and implementation of the highest quality materials. Frontal walls are ventilated, and post processed with Eternit compact slabs, montaged in aluminum sub-construction, in combination with colored thermo facade.

Siliceous crashed flag- stones are used for pedestal facing.

Facade locksmiths-trade is constructed in aluminum and polyvinyl chloride profiles with high quality thimbles, glazed with thermo pane glass (6+12+4mm).

Ground floor surfaces are planned to be covered with natural stone using different formats, as well as with concrete slabs and granite ceramics.

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Residential, public and commercial space in objects will be equipped with adequate material and technical solutions, with adequate final work. Floors in residential part of the buildings are planned to be made in oak parquet-first class, varnished in matt tones.

Floors in the entrance, kitchens, bathrooms and terraces are planned to be covered with high quality granite ceramic, with adequate final work.

Inside walls and ceilings are plastered and finally painted with dispersive colors, in selected tones. In kitchens and bathrooms final work on the walls is done in ceramic, and with combination of dispersive colors. Entrance doors of the apartments are secured with adequate door fixings, made in veneer, varnished in matt tones. Inside joinery is covered in veneer colored with polyurethane matt varnish.

Residential space, as well as offices will be furnished with high quality sanitary facilities.

All the installation equipment necessary for this type of building has been designed (interphone, cable TV, phone…).

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